About Me

Welcome! I am a mother of a precious baby boy and loving wife of a precious baby boy, I mean man. We live in a very rural part of south west Texas, Junction, the land of living water. I have a passion and love for West Texas and hope you can appreciate the things my husband and I do to keep life real and exciting.

We are both very involved in the Agriculture Industry.  Not only do we both work in an agriculture related field but we are also living out the trials and tribulation of agriculture life every day.  In July of 2013 we moved from our one acre lot in Rocksprings to my family's ranch north of Junction. So we are really going to be starting from the ground up in everything we do.

I can definitely say that growing up on our family farm in the Texas Panhandle has made me who I am! Also that upbringing has instilled the importance of agriculture to me in my everyday life. I hope you will enjoy my ramblings about all the different facets of this beautiful life here on earth.

7 months later
Grinning and Laughing
Learning from a Legend
Lessons Learned
Mother's Day


  1. WoW
    First time that I have visited your site
    (Here in Dallas doing a new Record)
    I ran across your business card in my friend Ryan B Tinchs' office. He owns the studio we're in. This is Great.Jurahee your site is amazing. Please do give us an update on you'alls move to Junction. Tell Sam & Shep Hell-o

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    1. Hi Julie Anne - I read on www.off-grid.info that you're responsible for compiling the impressive raw honey list found there. I have emailed off-grid about being added but haven't heard anything back. Can you help? My husband and I have a micro farm in the heart of Chicago that includes 2 bee hives. We don't have a lot of extra honey but enough that we want to be able to sell the excess to our city. You currently have only one supplier listed for Chicago, IL and we'd love to make it 2! Find out more about us here: www.sloanstead.com

      You can reply here or contact me through the website as well. Thank you!

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