Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You are what you eat

So I have been on this clean eating God's diet path since February and I have become very passionate about it. 

In February I realized I had a one month old son that I was feeding everything that I was eating. Good, bad or indifferent. 

The real kicker was the 2 boxes of Girl Scout thin mints that I ate one evening. Had I really just done that? Wowza! Why was my food addiction and lack of food control (self control) causing me to be such a glutton. 

I had some serious talks with my cousin Jennifer who is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practicioner. She is such a knowledgeable wealth of information! 

But It wasn't until I got mastitis that I realized maybe there is something to this food thing. I found in my research about mastitis that sugar is one of the main causes! It couldn't have been the two boxes of thin mints, oh but it was. 

So I cold turkey cut out white sugar and white flour. Cold turkey like it was alcohol or cigaretts but really sugar is just as addicting as a drug! 

It was crazy how fast the weight started falling off just from removing two things from my diet. 

With the help of a great group of ladies in Rocksprings, our weight support group made me realize there are so many misconceptions about what foods are healthy. 

We live in a such a low fat, no fat, calorie counting, carb cutting society. Fad Diets! 

So many people want to be healthy and want to lose weight and we as Americans have made these yo yo diets so readily avaliable and complex. No one really wants to eat the cardboard that they say will make you drop 2 dress sizes in two weeks do they? 

Well I just want to say that there is something way tastier and easier out there. There is no counting or calculating or exercise regimen. It's just simply eating what God put on this earth for us to consume. Not what we as humans have turned it into "food" overly processed sugar laden junk. 

This Micky Ds picture from The Healthy Home Economist really cracked me up! So much so that it started this entire rant. With all this being said I absolutely 110 percent believe we are what we eat. 

So what are you eating these days? 


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