Monday, July 16, 2012

Cantaloupe Ice Cream

Well sorry for the MIA status.  I have been enjoying my summer a little too much,  I haven't been in my garden, or blogged in about 3 WEEKS!!

Anyway during that three week hiatus I have done some really fun things!

The 83rd Annual Rocksprings Rodeo started the fun.  My parents, Toppie, Jon, Brenda and Abby all came and stayed the weekend. We had a large time!

Then we had a great group spend some time on the Frio River during the 4th.

Like my week hadn't been crazy enough my friend Katy and I decided to set up a road side stand selling cantaloupe and watermelon.  We loaded up a large flat bed goose neck with about 2500 pounds of cantaloupe and about the same in seedless watermelon. We got all this wonderful goodness in  Coyanosa in between Ft Stockton and Pecos at Mandujano Brothers Produce.  Here is the funny version of that story Nice Melons

Then I took 4 girls to the State FFA Convention in Corpus. 

So maybe when I said I have been enjoying my summer a little too much I really meant I haven't slowed down much. 

Anyway this week I am glad to be home all week! Friday is Sam's birthday and our Tillman Family Reunion is this weekend at Rough Canyon.  YEAH!!!

For those of you that don't know, Amistad is one my favorite places! Remember the Devils River I drooled about well that river along with the Rio Grande and the Pecos all flow into this beautiful reservoir to make for what I like to call "Heaven on Earth"

Anyway back to the ICE CREAM!!

Since Katy and I did our 2nd Annual Melon Run we thought what better way to eat cantaloupe than in ice cream. During out 1st Annual last summer a gentleman told us about Blue Bell Ice Cream making a seasonal Pecos Cantaloupe Ice Cream.  So yesterday I decided I had better get to churning before all my cantaloupe rotted. 

The recipe is pretty easy or at least I made it easy.  I know cooking eggs and cream and sugar makes the most delightful custard and if you want to do all that be my guest, but I think it tastes pretty dang good this way. 


1 large cantaloupe deseeded, peeled and cubed
4 cups heavy cream
2 cups half & half or milk
1 cup sugar
2 t vanilla


I used an emulsion blender to puree the cantaloupe into a smooth consistency.  If you wanted chunks of cantaloupe in the ice cream you need to wait until the ice cream has set up and then add the chunks. 

Mix cream, half & half, sugar and vanilla until sugar has dissolved.  Add cantaloupe puree.  Pour into ice cream freezer and churn.

We had this creamy goodness at a 1year olds birthday party last night. Happy 1st year of life Miss Piers!

Just love special occasions and any reason to make ice cream is glorious!