Monday, June 25, 2012


Had another great last minute weekend at the Devils River with the Kerbow's and my madre.  Love that place!!

Then I came home to my wonderful hubby filling up the pool! Love being able to come home and jump in, since that's exactly what I did today, it was HOT!

This afternoon Katy and I made our version of fig newtons.

My Aunt Lida's fig tree is bearing lots of ripe fruit so what better thing to do with figs, right.

So we made two variations, one was the original whole grain and the other was gluten free and sugar free.  I think I like the gluten free version better.

We had plenty of fruit filling left over so we canned it for a quick Fig Jelly.  2 jars being sweetened with sugar and 3 jars are honey sweetened.

Katy is a much better pastry chef than I am.  Her bars pictured above turned out much prettier than mine, Saige probably could have done better than me :)

They are all tasty and all our hard work was topped off with a evening dip in the pool.  Ahh summertime!


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