Monday, May 7, 2012


Shift work, hard work

A very respectable gentleman once told me "It's nice to see you aren't scared of that four letter word, work."  His kind words proved to me that the work ethics my parents instilled in me are a glorious and respectable thing!

A little elbow grease and sweat will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Now there are jobs that everyone does in life that are work but it's the things that we love doing that don't seem like work that make us happy.

My garden, chickens and potted plants are all things that I enjoy, so the work associated with all of them seems to be a little sweeter.

If only these things paid the bills,  I can always hope!

Last summer in the terrible drought I had watered and watered my garden and potted plants.

I went to my parents one weekend and Sam called me one morning to let me know the deer had demolished my plants.

I cried!!

All that hard work I had poured into those plants had flown out the window.  I was devastated.

No one ever wants their hard work to go to waste especially not deer waste.  Luckily most of the plants came back and by the end of August they were back to normal.

We have had a little moisture this spring so the deer have stayed out of town but if we don't continue to PRAY for rain I am very afraid we will be right back where we were last year.

So here's to the working men and women!


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