Thursday, May 17, 2012


Red, white, sparkling, sweet or dry. 

There are so many choices when it comes to wine. 

On occasion I would drink a sweet red or some llano blush but never that red dry stuff.

Then something like an out of body experience happened this past Christmas. I took a drink of McPherson Cellars Tre Colores and I loved it!  How could this be, it was so far from sweet but man it actually tasted good. 

Since I did grown up in the panhandle I have kept Lubbock wine near and dear to my heart.  Llano Estacado Winery was my first love but now McPherson Cellars has become my main squeeze. 

My love for Llano blush began in college and then I was introduced to the Moscato and isn't it just sweet perfection.  That beautiful blue bottle makes you want to be on a beach somewhere!

During Easter Sam and I visited my parents and we all had errands to run in Lubbock so we made a day of it and went out for supper. We ate at Ronnie's Restaurant (YUMMY) and of course went next door to Woody's for our wine purchase.  There happened to be a young man inside that worked for Llano Estacado Wineries doing wine tastings.  He had the new Riesling in that same blue bottle the Moscato comes in. What do you know it tasted just as sweet and refreshing as the Moscato and was two dollars cheaper so that's what mom and I had with out wonderful dinner. 

Now as far as McPherson Cellars goes I fell in love with them at my favorite place in Lubbock, La Diosa!  It's this great tapas wine bar that serves the most delicious little plates of goodness as well as great wine.  The owner is Sylvia McPherson, the daughter in law of the founding father of the Texas Wine Industry, Dr. Clinton McPherson.  Her husband Kim McPherson is her wine consultant and just happens to be the owner and winemaker at McPherson Cellars. 

A few years ago several ladies from here went to the Frederickburg Food and Wine Festival and they found the McPherson Tre Colore!  At that time I was still against red wine but then my friend Katy happened to buy a case of it at World Market and so began my love for red wine this Christmas.

In 2008 McPherson Cellars opened their own venue in the depot district not too far from La Diosa and it looks absolutely beautiful.  I will get to see all of its beauty this summer at a wedding reception and I can't wait!

In Vino Veritas!


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