Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Up-cycled Home Decor

For those of you that have never been to my house let me paint you a mental picture of what you would see.  

Lots of family-downs similar to hand-me-downs but from family. I like to call it shabby chic but if a real interior decorator came into my little house they would probably want to light a match, and call it all JUNK.  

Everything or most every piece in my house has a story.  I have collected items from grandparents, aunts, uncles and my parents.  Sam calls it hoarding but long before I graduated from high school I have collected and picked through lots of old farm houses and anywhere that looked like I could find some cool stuff.  

This cabinet I have in our spare bedroom is by far one of my favorite up-cycled pieces.  This was a kitchen cabinet out of the "white house" on my family's farm.  The white house was far from the likes of The White House but non the less this old farm house had tons of character and great rustic pieces of family history.  

There were numerous Haunted Houses that took place at the white house, man were they ever scary. Even if I was just a little kid I haven't seen anything that could come close to the bloody murder screaming that took place out at the good ol' white house. 

It was also a storage unit for my mother.  She would dry gourds in the front bedroom and then sell them in our front yard at "Jones Pumpkins." Lots of memories from the good old days of raising pumpkins.  

Anyway even if your style is much more refined I hope that you have pieces of family heritage to pass along to your future generations.  

Clean the dust off and put a fresh coat of paint on it you never know what kind of treasure you will create.

Happy Up-Cycling!



  1. Is this the cabinet Tate threw a fit about when we moved you out of Riata Ranch? Oh my, I laughed so hard that day! Good memories!

  2. Oh yes!! He had to move me so many times, poor guy! It was a comical day!