Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lessons Learned

Well "Every Day in May" turned out to be about 5 posts short.  The lesson I learned was burn out!! Writing about different topics has been fun this month but it has also been very challenging.

School let out last thursday and I have tried to unwind since then and enjoy my life and unfortunately that was away from the computer, but I am back.

While I was away one of my hens that I thought ran away turned up with 8 of the cutest black and yellow chicks I have ever seen.  Since I already have 16 chicks I am gladly giving these to my friend Katy as soon as her husband finishes her chicken coop. Hurry up Asa!!

June has lots of exciting things in store for Sam and myself and I can't wait to see what all my garden is producing.  There will for sure be lots of pool/tank time, plenty of sunshine, a wedding, my birthday and the 83rd Annual Rocksprings Rodeo.

So I'll see you in June.


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