Monday, May 21, 2012

Algerita Greenery & Bugs

Here are a few pictures of my Saturday night activities.  Margaret and I stained her concrete patio and then headed out to the ranch to help in the algerita jelly making process. It is quite a process!  It is by no means a one or two man job, you need to throw a algerita jelly party and invite everyone you know.  

Beating the bushes with a sorting stick into an umbrella is one of the easiest parts.  The most difficult and time consuming part of the process is picking out the leaves, stems and trash so that you only have ripe red berries.  

Luckily I was with a family that has been doing this for the past 35 years.  It has been a Jameson tradition that was passed down from Margaret's great grandmother, pretty awesome if you ask me!! 

We even got Jessie Ann in on sorting berries!

The fruits of our labor, ready to be boiled and juiced. 

Mark and Tooter got the juice extracting job and after three recipes they are pros!

Somehow this is all of Cecil I got, he is Tooter's brother that is making sure this tradition lives on.  

The reason this post is a combination of greenery and bugs is because that is what you get when you decide to make algerita jelly.

We all got poked and stuck by all the holly looking leaves and even some stray tasajillo that got beaten into the umbrella.  The bushes are covered in bugs that are feasting on these red ripe berries so we had several join us for our jelly making party.

The two lighter jars at the bottom of the end results are two experimental jars that I made with no sugar or pectin, I used unsweetened apple sauce, lemon juice and algerita juice to make those two jars.  I haven't opened one up yet to taste if the experiment was a success or not but I know for sure the real full recipe jars are full of sweet algerita flavor.

Tis the season of jelly making!


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