Monday, April 2, 2012


Last summer my garden was organically fertilized and I only used organic pesticide soap. However, the pesky insects did a number or several of my plants.

So this year I am seeking vengeance.

In an attempt to be more green and use no pesticides again this year I ordered 1500 lady bugs and 7 million live beneficial nematodes off of Amazon last week.

They came in the mail today and much to my surprise all the lady bugs were alive! I put them in the refrigerator until early evening (the directions told me to do this) and then I released them into my garden and around my potted plants.

As soon as I started shaking them out of the bag in my garden the chickens knew it was food so they flocked to the perimeter fence and of course my rooster flew right on over and started pecking up my precious lady bugs.  I had to get him and the rest of my hens penned up before they ate all of my precious aphid killers.

I hope there are still a few alive in the morning.

The other box of beneficial nematodes were a little hard to see or even tell if they are alive.  I followed the instructions and soaked them in cold water for 30 minutes and then combined them with wet compost material.

Here is to hoping that this green and more economical method of pest control works!


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  1. So, I happened to have a gift card to Amazon and ordered myself some ladybugs. They are a little creepy when you open the box:) I did just as the directions said to do and all was well, I thought... The next morning I went out back to check on the ladies and either the largest dove I have ever seen or a pigeon was out there having a feast with some friends! Going to try this again, but leave the little guard dog out there this time:)