Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diatomaceous Earth

So my garden is flourishing, it is really looking good.  My tomato plants are loaded with little tomatoes and blooms.  I can't wait to eat the first fresh tomato of the season, you just can't beat that homegrown taste.

Anyway, I want to tell y'all about diatomaceous earth.  

We have lots of stray cats that roam around our house unfortunately leaving pesky fleas to jump on my dogs.  We have tried several different things to get rid of these nasty fleas but they keep finding my pups.  

While doing a little organic pesticide research I came across diatomaceous earth.   

DE is an off white talc-like powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton.  When you dust your yard or plants with it the bugs exoskeleton begins to be cut up by the small particles and that dries the insect out eventually killing it.

This miracle dust has several different benefits to pest control however it will also kill beneficial bugs.

There are several different types of DE the best to use is FOOD GRADE.

However, it will not hurt humans or mammals as a matter of fact some naturopathic doctors prescribe DE to control internal parasites, colon cleansing and detox.

Pool supply stores sell DE but it is not food grade and contains more crystalline silica than food grade.

For the DE to work it must stay dry so any watering or even morning dew will render this ineffective.

If you have insect issues I highly recommend DIATOMACEOUS EARTH it stores easily so having a few pounds on hand should last you a while.

If you are a 7 dust-aholic I think you will really like DE not only for its health benefits but it will also do a great job controlling your garden pests without any harmful chemicals.

Happy Bug Killing.


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  1. awesome... what do you do for moisture control?