Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Succulent High

This beautiful weather here in paradise is going to spoil me! It's supposed to be in the 80's on Thursday!!  That really gets my gardening juices flowing! 

Anyway back to my succulent high. 

Love love love these little beauties!

This strawberry pot that I bought last spring at my favorite pottery house in that border town has yet to produce any strawberries.

However it has produced some of the coolest succulents that I have ever seen.  Last spring break my Aunt got me hooked on these cool little creatures! She had the cutest pot of succulents at her lake house that just screamed AMAZINGNESS to me.

So I drove to town to hunt down THE perfect succulent pot.  What could possibly be better than a pot that has eight little holes around the rim! I thought it would work perfectly for these little babies to poke their cuteness out of.


I went around the lake house yard and dug up little cactus and agave's and then pinched off little bits from my Aunts collection.  I filled every hole with some kind of green poky plant and until our first freeze they were the most thriving succulents you have ever seen.

Unfortunately I didn't bring them into the house the night of our first freeze here in paradise and they all died a cold, lonely, miserable death.  Well I shouldn't say all because the cactus and agave's survived.  So I lovingly transplanted them into a larger home so they can flourish this spring and summer.

This past Saturday in Home Depot I got sucked into the succulent section of the greenhouse.  I lost track of time, and Sam was done gardening with me at this point.  I was trying to choose which succulents of the hundreds I wanted for my strawberry pot.  After a good thirty minutes Sam called and said he was waiting on me in the pickup and I had better hurry up!

So these nine succulents, plus one more that is in the middle of another arrangement on our back porch, are my Home Depot purchases.

 Next winter I will be bringing these beauties into the house so they can live happily ever after!


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  1. Jurahee!!!! OMG!! You are soo cute!! Im so glad I came across your blog! I am so enjoying it!! Wish we lived closer so I couldl garden with you!