Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dump Day!!

So here in paradise the city dump is open on Tuesdays and let me tell ya people throw away the dangdest things.  Last week I found a beautiful old solid oak headboard, an old wooden wine rack and a really cool beat up coffee table.  These items are in the process of being turned into junkyard treasures. 

I have a slight obsession with old stuff.  Sam refers to it as hoarding. I assure him it is just my creative juices flowing.  Everything he wants to throw away I can envision something really cool being made out of it!

After several adventures with my parents Sam has realized I do not fall far from the tree. My dad really likes to be prepared on trips even if he has to pull a trailer or take two vehicles.  So from time to time when Sam and I are going some where he lovingly refers to me as Joe.  "Are you going to pack the kitchen sink Joe?"  I always laugh and say it's my genetics.   I know my father came by these genetics honestly. I am certain there has been a long line of Jones' that have really liked stuff. 

My dads parents Meme & Toppie had an antique store across the road from their house, The Wooden Windmill.  So I always loved going down to this old farm house/antique store and looking through rooms with boxes full of treasure.   This could possibly be where my infatuation for old stuff comes from.  I'm going to accredit it to my Meme.

So our home decor is pretty much made up of old doors, glass door knobs, old ceiling tins, re purposed furniture, and junkyard treasures.  Every piece of furniture has a story, it could be where I found it or what family member it came from.

Our kitchen table was my parents table when they got married 35 years ago.  Although it looks a lot different thanks to some talavera tiles, grout and epoxy I can definitely say it brings a lot of love into our first home.

My favorite treasure is an old butcher block I found in Sweetwater.   The amount of character it adds to our kitchen can't be purchased at Ikea.  It is Sam's coffee bar and it's perfect for that. We do use it as a butcher block when we have venison or pork to process.  Some casters did get welded to the legs so it is a little easier to move around. Every time we roll it into the middle of the kitchen I have to say a little prayer that it doesn't fall through our hardwood floors.  It is REALLY heavy.

So I'm off to the dump to see if there are any good finds for this week. 

Oh I almost forgot I got four eggs yesterday! I love my chickens!


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