Friday, January 27, 2012

18 fresh eggs!

Its a beautiful sight!!

I have finally filled my first 18 pack of fresh eggs. I of course had to eat the first 6 or so I gathered. I made  several delicious egg dishes. I will post recipes for the quiche that I love later!

My blue green eggs are from my pretty black iridescent ameraucana hen and my brown eggs are from my white mystery hen. She has a pom pom of feathers on top of her head. I will have to take pictures of all my beauties so maybe someone can help me identify the ones I don't know.


  1. How do you keep the pups out of the chickens??? Got any roosters?

    1. Well the chickens have a run/pen off of their coop. I do let them out during the day to roam around the yard. I guess our little Bantam rooster got too close to Dot saturday morning because we found him dead in the front yard. So I may have to start keeping the chickens in their run if Dot is going to be a chicken killer. I did have four roosters but I gave Dick 3 of them.